Parent Partnership

Barnies understands and promotes the statement “Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators.” and ensures that the parent’s involvement as part of the shared learning process plays a significant part in the welfare of children attending the setting. The continuing contribution of children’s parents is regarded as a special relationship in terms of shared educational aims so that the best developmental outcomes may be achieved for the children.
Through ongoing assessment and observation children are provided with a stimulating and challenging environment that develops self esteem and a higher achievement of learning. Through working in partnership with parents children’s development or behavioural issues have agreed and consistent responses. Staff are trained to promote positive behaviour, recognize and diffuse distressing situations and ensure that the care of the child remains paramount.  Barnies works on the basis of inclusion and has experience of children with a variety of diverse needs, we are committed to working as part of a multidisciplinary team. We consistently support parents and children through transitional periods, medical conditions, illness and other developmental concerns. Senior Managers are trained as SENCO co-ordinators. Individual and specific care is assured.
As part of this commitment a termly newsletter is displayed outlining the activities and learning outcomes we will be working towards during the period of the theme. The newsletter includes activities that can be done at home, suggested reading books and website links for further information or learning.

We also enhance the sharing experience by providing a range of books to borrow from our library and Monty the bear who loves to experience life away from Barnies with the children. We ask that his travels are recorded in his book to be shared with the rest of the children on his return. He has been particularly helpful when children are settling into the nursery and when children undergo more difficult experiences such as a hospital visit.


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Through the ‘Every Child a Talker’ (ECAT) project we have been provided with a few Elizabeth Jarman sharing bags for parents and their children to take home and experience. These have been recommended to enhance speech and language development but are available for all to take away and share.


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@ Hadlow


This Barnies is situated within the grounds of Hadlow Primary School, near Tonbridge, and has been registered since January 2004.


@ Hop Farm


This Barnies is situated within the grounds of the Hop Farm Country Park, near Paddock Wood, and has been registered since 1999.


Head Office
Head Office

Head Office

Established since 1996 primarily for nursery care Barnies now provides an all encompassing child care provision for parents with children from birth to eleven years.

British Values

British Values

Barnies actively promotes the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs.

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HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Plans during the holiday periods allow for a variety of outdoor play and games, art and craft activities linked to a theme, outings or walks, cooking and baking as well as access to the usual games, puzzles and resources.