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Barnies is always interested to hear from anyone looking for a career in providing high quality child care.

We are especially interested in supporting the long term development of a qualified work force by offering opportunities for young people under the Government Apprenticeship Scheme.



Please complete the form below giving details of yourself, the type of work you are interested in and if you have a preference of Nursery. A representative from Barnies will then contact you!

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@ Hadlow


This Barnies is situated within the grounds of Hadlow Primary School, near Tonbridge, and has been registered since January 2004.


@ Hop Farm


This Barnies is situated within the grounds of the Hop Farm Country Park, near Paddock Wood, and has been registered since 1999.


Head Office
Head Office

Head Office

Established since 1996 primarily for nursery care Barnies now provides an all encompassing child care provision for parents with children from birth to eleven years.

British Values

British Values

Barnies actively promotes the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs.

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The first five years of life are critical in a childs development. High quality early years provision has been proven to help children achieve their potential and support parents and their families. The role of the Early Years Practitioner encompasses a wide range of aspects dedicated to enhance children´┐Żs experiences in a positive and supportive way.