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Some of the nice things that our customers say about Barnies.


"Thank you for everything. For all the love and support in helping Sophia grow into the wonderful little lady that she is. We will never forget you."

Daniel, Tanita and Sophia

"We would like to say a huge thank you to all at Barnies for what you have done for Tanwen. We feel that all of you have made an enormous contribution in her becoming a happy, confident child who has gained tremendously from knowing that there is a safe and caring place to play and learn. A place where she is looked after, treated as an individual and her talents nurtured while the areas where she needs help are encouraged. We are deeply appreciative of your work, dedication, caring and compassion; it is all of you who have made her nursery experience so special."

Rachel and Rodger

"Thank you so much for all the love, laughter and learning that you've given Arthur over the year's that he's been with you."

Naomi, Dan and Arthur

"How do you possibly begin to express the gratitude you feel to the people who have helped to raise your only child every day. It is unquantifiable."

Christy, Mark and Sadie

"I am always so impressed by the things they have learned at nursery. They're always talking about the fun things they do, report back on the books they've been reading and will start singing the songs they've learned. Barnies has been such a lovely caring place with such lovely caring people. Both Ben and Simon have thrived so much under your care and we're ever so grateful."

Ann and Jack

"We want to thank you for the past three years of support, guidance and care for Ollie and Millie. It wouldn't have been so smooth without you."

Mel and Simon

"Thank you so much for the last three years. Our children are as wonderful as they are because of the amazing part you've all played in bringing them up."

Sarah and Rob

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@ Hadlow


This Barnies is situated within the grounds of Hadlow Primary School, near Tonbridge, and has been registered since January 2004.


@ Hop Farm


This Barnies is situated within the grounds of the Hop Farm Country Park, near Paddock Wood, and has been registered since 1999.


Head Office
Head Office

Head Office

Established since 1996 primarily for nursery care Barnies now provides an all encompassing child care provision for parents with children from birth to eleven years.

British Values

British Values

Barnies actively promotes the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs.

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